Niche Partnership


  • AgentLink - AgentLink has partnered with HJ Spier to service our Individual Health insurance clients. We also work with AgentLink in another area becoming popular for some small employers. For many small employers there is a large savings when dropping a group health plan and sending employees to the Individual Market.  AgentLink can help in that transition by assisting employees in choosing the proper Individual Health Plan, and keeping the feel of a "Group Health Plan" in place.
  • Rx Help Centers – Rx Help Centers offers an employer-based avenue to obtain the more expensive brand/specialty medications at a deep discount, or sometimes for no cost. We have many clients that have saved on medications that once cost them hundreds or thousands of dollars. It may sound to good to be true, but we encourage you to ask an HJ Spier consultant about these savings. 
  • ElectRx –  ElectRx offers an employer-based program where the more expensive brand name medications can be purchased through an international dispensary.
  • Aflac –  Through this association, we can offer a variety of voluntary benefits and we also represent a wide variety of other voluntary benefit carriers.
  • Nyhart – Nyhart is a nationally recognized actuarial and retirement services administrator that we have partnered with to lend their expertise in these areas. They have provided our clients with a variety of services including GASB and FASB actuarial valuations, funding recommendations and plan change analysis. Our clients have also utilized them for their retirement record keeping, HSA & FSA administration.
  • InSource, Inc. – InSource is a nationally recognized managing general underwriter of life insurance products. Through this association, we are able offer a web-based individualized life insurance solution for our clients. Individuals can apply for life insurance online, get real-time rates, and purchase the coverage using an effortless process. Our life insurance specialists are available via email or phone to answer any questions.

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