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Fall & Winter Preparedness

The most predictable thing in Indiana is the unpredictable weather.  This is a true statement for any time of year, but it’s especially true for the Fall and Winter Seasons.  Therefore, we must be prepared for what “Mother Nature” throws our way and protect our property, loved ones, and others the best we can.


  • Check those windows to be sure they’re sealed to keep the cold air out and the warm air in.
  • Be sure your heating unit has regular maintenance to be sure everything is working correctly and accurately in save money on your electric or gas bills.
  • Check obstructions in your eaves-troughs to ensure no ice can build up preventing water damage.


  • Before driving be sure to clean your vehicle thoroughly from snow or leaves to insure good visibility on the road.
  • Be sure your vehicle has a blanket, snacks, and other supplies in case you get stranded on the road.
  • Keep your sidewalks, driveways or parking lots clear of snow and ice or falling leaves to prevent slips and falls or sliding vehicles.


  • Be sure you have gloves, hats and scarves to protect you and your loved ones from the cold air and elements of nature.  Keep an extra set in your car too.
  • Be sure to get those flu shots.
  • Be sure everyone is buckled in while in a car.

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