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HJ Spier- Your Anti Status Quo Benefit Advisers

Our advisers at HJ Spier are turning away from worn out, status quo solutions to solving the medical plan overspend.  The Preferred Provider Organization networks of yesteryear are nothing more than a worn out watered down solution.  Today’s networks allow employees to use any provider in their area and in exchange don’t receive any real discounts that move them away from the retail setting. 

The medical ID cards from status quo plans are the equivalent of a credit card that provides access to any provider, anytime, regardless of the cost of care.  We have concrete evidence that a knee replacement surgery costs 3 times as much from one provider as compared to the next.  One might suggest that the larger the cost the better the outcomes, but evidence proves that not to be the case.  We are involved in direct negotiations with providers to obtain true savings. 

We are also moving our clients to a fee based model where we will align ourselves with our client’s interests.  We are not aligned when our commission based payments increase when our clients face hardship.

Today’s health plans are broken and using status quo solutions will not fix them.   Until employers demand new solutions, they will continue to run overpriced plans.  At HJ Spier, we declare ourselves to be Anti- Status Quo Advisers. 

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